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  • Genre:
  • Production year:
  • Format:
  • Runtime:
    32 min
  • Language:
  • Director:
    Péter Gárdos
  • Cast:
    Emőke Piti, Milán Schruff, Andrea Petrick
  • Producer:


Born in Belgium to a Hungarian mother and an English father, four-year old Milla’s story is anything but usual. She is the epitome of modern, intercultural Europe as we know it. Krisztina D. Tóth’s children’s book series, Milla&Mama is aimed at children aged between 3 and 7- The stories are told by young Milla herself, using the enchanting language of kindergarten,spiced up by the fact that she is 100 percent bilingual, acticulating her view on the world in both Hungarian and English. Milla & Mama is based on real-life characters and real-life stories. This gives the series credibility and its „just like in our family” factor. Despite her unusual origins, Milla is your average pre-schooler. Her life is full of fascinating adventures and tussling with never-ending fundamental questions. Why do people speak different languages? What will happen if my best friend moves to the other end of the continent? Am I strange because my mummy is Hungarian and my daddy is English? Where does Santa Claus go after he is finished delivering my present? Why do we celebrate Christmas in a different way to others? Living in an intercultural and bilingual family, Milla and her real life alter ego Lola deal with very similar issues in their life. They come from a tranditionally open and accepting family, but live in a society that doesn’t necessarily always share the same values. In addition to the natural challenges of a pre-schooler’s life, they are confronted by questions and enquiries about their „unusual” identity on a daily basis, everywhere, from the playground to the corner shop.


1. Matomato Garden (Paradicsom kertészet) - 8’38”

2. The Best Friends (Legeslegjobb barátok) - 8’40”

3. Bottle Bank and Bottle Jumper (Kukasziget és palackpulcsi) - 7’41”

4. Christmas Merry go-round (Jövős menős Karácsony) - 7’30”