• Original title:
    Immigrants - L.A. Dolce Vita
  • Genre:
  • Production year:
  • Format:
  • Runtime:
    78 min or 6 x 25 min
  • Language:
  • Director:
    Gábor Csupó
  • Cast:
    Erik Mccormack, Hank Azaria, Dan Castellaneta
  • Producer:
    Gábor Csupó, Arlene Klasky, Gábor Kálomista


Immigrants is the story of Vladislav (a Russian), and Joska (a Hungarian). Both are immigrants and best friends, living and chasing the American dream together – and they stuck with it. Vlad has a daughter, Anya, who’s adapting to life in America at the speed of light, while her dad is in complete culture shock. They stay at the Vista del Mar, an apartment complex run by an old failed actress, Greta Knight, who is always after Vlad for sexual favors. The building is home to immigrants from all over the world: Flaco, a friend from Mexico, Mr. Chea who runs a Chinese family restaurant, Nazim a former Pakistani nuclear scientist who drives a tour bus, and Mr. Splits who is an old black pimp. 


2009 Changzhou CICDAF - Special Prize
2009 Córdoba ANIMACOR - Best Full-Length Animation
2009 Vilnius TINDIRINDIS - Special Prize
2009 Rio de Janeiro, Săo Paulo ANIMA MUNDI (in competition)

Series episodes

episode 1 – Joska Co.
episode 2 – Helath of It
episode 3 – Tour Bus
episode 4 – Vladislav’s Quest
episode 5 – Doorman
episode 6 – Borcht Bistro